Corona Rehabilitation Amsterdam
It is well known by now that an infection with the Corona virus can be a heavy attack on the body, for both ex-corona patients who have been in the hospital and ex-corona patients who were at home. A rehabilitation process can support you to get back to the normal routine of life. Both groups of patients are sometimes still (serious) weakened after recovery from the infection and benefit from building muscle strength and fitness.

What is rehabilitation after Corona? The corona rehabilitation process in Amsterdam will focus on specific physical training therapy, such as building muscle, enhancing durability and strength, optimizing oxygen uptake by means of breathing techniques and strength training of the respiratory muscles. In addition, rehabilitation focuses on regaining confidence in your own body. It is also important to find the right balance between load (what you do with the body) and load capacity (what your body can handle at the moment). Every rehabilitation process is different, because everyone has his or her own obstacles and goals. Depending on these goals, the Sento Medical therapist makes a personal plan.

Who is eligible for post-corona rehabilitation? Ex-corona patients who experience (serious) complaints and/or limitation in physical functioning during their recovery are indicated for physiotherapy. Examples of complaints and/or limitations are: difficulty climbing stairs, difficulty in taking long walks, weight loss and extreme fatigue and/or less stamina after (intensive) exercise.

Who does the physiotherapist work with? For patients who experience limitations or problems at home that fall outside the domain of physiotherapy, coordination or collaboration with other disciplines, such as dieticians, occupational therapists, speech therapists and/or psychologists will be important. A dietician can be called in for signs of malnutrition, an occupational therapist can be consulted if someone experiences difficulty in distributing the energy throughout the day. If anxiety or trauma related complaints hinder recovery, a psychologist can help. Speech therapy can provide support for problems with chewing, eating and swallowing.

Is physiotherapy after corona reimbursed under the basic insurance? When there is a referral from the specialist or general practitioner, the reimbursement for ex-corona patients is covered by the basic insurance. This means that paramedical care can be used for long-term complaints (with a duration of at least six months), namely:

  • Physiotherapy and remedial therapy: maximum of 50 treatments
  • Occupational therapy: maximum of 8 treatment hours (on top of the existing 10 hours)
  • Dietary advice: maximum of 7 hours of advice (on top of the existing 3 hours)

For the time being, the necessary treatments are reimbursed directly through the patient’s basic insurance. The only thing that the insured person has to pay himself is the deductible of his/her health insurance (for 2021 this amounts to 385 euro in total).

Tip from our physiotherapist Do not start too early with intensive work-outs. If you can no longer speak during the activity, you are probably working too hard. Make sure you don’t get out of breath and/or start panting.

Sara’s experience:"Last March, I, 30 years old with a fanatical sports history, became ill with corona. I was very ill for a number of weeks, with my visit to the hospital due to shortness of breath as the low point. Where my illness stopped and my recovery started, I don't really know. The first 3 months I could barely climb a flight of stairs and a walk to the end of the street was comparable to a marathon. As an old rowing coach I thought I could do this myself, after all I knew all about fitness and strength building. Still I couldn't get any further. After consultation with the doctor I started physiotherapy at Sento Medical. From that moment on I really started to recover. By training specific muscle groups and paying attention to my breathing I started fast forward. I liked that my progress became measurable, I could see how I was improving each week and that way I regained my confidence in my own body. With the help of the physiotherapist I got my life back again. It will be a while before I row another marathon or cycle 240km in a day, but I look to the future with confidence."

Do you need help with rehabilitation after corona or would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact Sento Medical for more information or schedule an appointment with Derek ( or via 020-3301444.