Daan Bredewout was an active Marine from 1999-2003. After his service in the Royal Navy he graduated in 2008 from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam as an exercise training therapist and a physiotherapist. Both during his studies and once he became an active therapist, Daan worked as a personal trainer, sport masseur, and caregiver in professional soccer. In addition, Daan has supervised many exercise programs and multi-disciplinary projects and he was also a quality control worker for HKZ. Since 2009 he has specialized in Ultrasonography MSU. Ultrasonography is used as a diagnostic tool in the physiotherapy practice. The goal is to gain visual insight into the suspected pathology of the patient. This allows for a diagnosis to be reached more quickly and the proper treatment plan to be started. By taking successive ultrasounds over time, the progress of the tissue repair can be monitored. Daan acts as a consultant to colleagues, doctors, and specialists both in and out of the practice. Daan is a specialist in craniofacial therapy. CRAFTA® Cranio Faciale Therapy is a highly specialized training in manual therapy for the treatment of pain and disorders of the head, neck, face and jaw. Daan is currently teacher CRAFTA® in training.

HBO (Higher Professional Education)
Exercise Training Therapy Mensendieck, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Physiotherapy, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Manual Therapy (Maitland Concept NL),  Hogeschool Utrecht

Post HBO (Post Graduate courses)
Graded Motor Imagery, ProEducation
Cadaver dissection of Head, Neck and Temporomandibular region, UMC Axcen
Headache in childern CRAFTA®Cranio cervical dysfunctions CRAFTA®
Dry needling myofascial pain head, neck and face CRAFTA®
Cervico- oculaire dysfunctions and balance, CRAFTA®
Management of craniofacial dysfunctions and pain, CRAFTA®
Craniomandibular-, craniofacial dysfunctions and the cranial nerve system, CRAFTA®
Three-dimensional Arthrokinematic Mobilizations, Hogeschool Leiden
Self management, mindfulness, solution works, Alex Vaassen
Running therapy, Simon van Woerkom
Exercise physiology and training doctrine, Alex Vaassen
HKZ Internal Audit health sector, KIWA
Group dynamics, Alex Vaassen
Motivational interviewing, NISB
Beweegkuur DMII, NISB
Echografie Musculo Skeletal Ultrasound, Richard Geryszewski
Target Tissue Training basic course, FNN
Medical Taping Concept, Jelle de Moor
Balance and stability training, Chris Groothof
Sport massage, NGS 

Currently enrolled
Teacher (CRAFTA®)