What is Functional Training? 

Functional Training can best be described as a training method which focuses on the movement of the body and trains the body to meet specific demands of life and sports. Experts say: 'Functional Training is the training of movement rather than muscle.'

Why Functional Training? 

In daily life you are constantly confronted with different movements: standing up, walking or running to the bus, picking things up, cleaning, etc. Functional Training mimics movements like these that your body already knows and which play a valuable role in your daily life. With this technique machines are never used. Think about how often you push something while you are sitting down. Of course, for most people the most important goal is a fit and healthy body. Using the technique of Functional Training you will see the results of becoming healthier and fitter even faster! In addition to developing better muscle function, you also lose weight and tighten your stomach muscles...and all of this in a fun way!

It is often claimed that training without equipment is not as safe as working with 'controlled' fitness machines. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fitness world is now shifting toward Functional Training, which is focused on the development of movement skills--skills that contribute to the quality of our lives, improve our sports performance, and prevent injury.

In order to be successful in Functional Training you need personal, professional help. The instructors at Sento are at your service to provide this!