Are you looking to find balance when it comes to nutrition, whether this is losing weight, gaining weight or restoring your relationship with food?

Manouk from Nouk’s Nutrition is ready to help you!

The most important goal is to find a balance, that suits you. Together we will look at what the problem or goal is when it comes to your diet. This way I can help you find a healthy balance and lifestyle, one that you can maintain so that your results remain!

Firstly, we will take a look at your current diet, and your goal, this way we can make adjustments accordingly. I find it very important that we make a lifestyle change, and not a  ‘diet’. What I mean by this it that we will adjust your eating habits, so that you can continue enjoying food and reach your goal at the same time. Therefore, in preparation for our first consult I will ask you to keep a meal diary. On the basis of your current diet I will make a tailored plan for you, and you will become more aware of your nutrition.

With my knowledge, not only from my studies as a nutritionist, but also through my own experience in the fitness industry I can help you reach your goals!

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Nouk’s Nutrition