Francoise Willems has been fascinated with movement since she was a child. She started playing field hockey when she was young and continued on to play at the national level. Her passion for field hockey also drove here to get involved in coaching at various clubs.
Studying physiotherapy was always a given and in 2010, Francoise graduated from the Hogeschool Utrecht and went to work in private practice.
Francoise has experienced for herself the importance of maintaining a balance between the stress placed on the body and its actual capacity. This has become a central focus of her treatment. How can the physical and mental stress placed on the body (in daily activities, work and sport) remain in balance with the body's capacity?
Francoise's experience lies mostly in the treatment of orthopaedic, sport and myofascial conditions--both acute and as part of a rehabilitation plan after an operation. She continues to deepen her understanding in this area through post-graduate study.
Prevention is an important part of Francoise's treatment. She uses various (hands-on) techniques and works with the patient to create a balance between the body's capacity and the demands placed upon it. This balance plays a major role in injury prevention.

Bachelor Fysiotherapie

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