Are you  looking for physiotherapy in the center of Amsterdam? Physiotherapeutic practise Sento Medical can help you. We are based in the Sento Spa & Health club on the Marnixplein. The physiotherapists at Sento Medical have a range of specialities. As physiotherapist in Amsterdam we can help you with most forms of physical complaints. Sento Medical is registered with all the health insurance companies based in the Netherlands allowing you to visit our specialists without needing a note of referral from your G.P.

What can Sento Medical offer you:
- Manuele therapy
- Posture physiotherapy
- Working physiotherapy
- Dry needling
- Sport revalidation
- Craniofacial therapy 

Our physiotherapists aim at helping you to continue/regain functionality in a normal daily routine and to enable you to continue/regain the ability to take part in sports.

Pluspraktijk Sento Medical Amsterdam
Sento Medical is a certified Plus praktijk for Zilveren Kruis, Menzis and De Friesland.