Sento Spa and Health Club offers you Spiritual Healing and Energetic Therapy incollaboration with Petri de la Croix (

Petri is happy to explain why cleansing and rebalancing the human energy system is helpful. Mind, body and spirit are inseparable. They interconnect to form a self-organising and self-healing ecosystem: the human energy system. Sometimes, however, the balance that enables this system to self-heal has been disrupted in such a way that the system needs outside help to restore the balance and reactivate this ecosystem. Spiritual and energetic healing is the method to do exactly that.

In her private practice, in one-on-one sessions, Petri helps to restore the human energy system by rebalancing the energies that are the foundation for your current day health by cleansing and repairing your energy system.

Next to her private practice, Petri teaches a two year Spiritual Healing and a 3 year Energy Coach Professional program. In addition, Petri organises training for General Practitioners to improve knowledge of and familiarity with Spiritual and energetic healing as complementary medicine.

Every single person consists of a network of energies - energy fields - and the human body is a complex mechanism, directed and controlled by those subtle energies. Living in these modern times means that we are flooded with stimuli, ‘the next thing’, events and circumstances affecting our energy fields in different, more exhausting ways than what was possible in the past. Many people therefore develop disruptions in their energy system which, if the body can no longer access its self-healing capabilities, can lead to all sorts of ailments and issues. These disruptions can obstruct the energy system’s grounding: its charge and discharge patterns.

If someone’s energy system is not properly grounded, this person will not be able to reach their potential. Spiritual Healing helps to restore the balance in the human energy system and to integrate this new balance.

As Healer/Energy Coach Petri treats physical, mental and emotional conditions from the perspective of energy fields. During a healing session, Petri cleanses your energy system, uncovering the cause of the imbalance. People can happen to block and lock in specific energy because of events this person has experienced as traumatic. This stagnant energy is cleared in sessions with Petri, allowing the energy system to experience flow again. This energy flow enables the body’s self-healing capacities to flourish. This cleansing happens on a subtle energetic, mental, emotional and physical level. After dissolving these disruptions in the energy system, the human body requires integration and processing of the release, so the newly reclaimed balance will last. You feel much better directly after a session and conditions improve after one or multiple sessions. Mind, body and spirit are in balance: you experience your own strength, vitality, optimal health and love for life!

Petri trained with:
Heremitage Opleidingscentrum (Training Centre): Spiritual Healing and Energy Coaching

Reading & Healing, Geestelijke Heelkunde Therapie(Spiritual Healing Therapy), Energy Coaching Professional

De Energieschool (The Energy School) in Den Bosch: Medische- en Psychosociale Basiskennis (Medical and Psychosocial Basics)
Instituut CAM (Institute for ‘Complementary and Additive Medicine’): Energetische Therapie.

For more information, check out www.petridelacroix.nlor reach out to Petri by phone: +31 6 12395898.