Professional tailor-made lifestyle and diet advice at Sento

Get rid of your intestinal complaints. Learn how to eat vegetarian or vegan in a full fledged way. Lowering your cholesterol levels. Get a gluten-free, yet tasty foodplan when you do not tolerate gluten. Eating low-carbohydrates in a way that keeps you going. Gain control of emotional eating behavior. For your questions about nutrition, diet and lifestyle, you've come to the right place. The dietitian provides personal coaching and tailor-made diet and lifestyle advice.

Mees Stegeman, dietician

Mees is open-minded, empathetic and positive. Because she listens with attention, you quickly feel comfortable with Mees. Her working method is integral. Nutrition and exercise? Of course. But psyche, behavior and emotion also play important roles. She takes all aspects into your process. Your mind influences your feelings and (therefore) your eating behavior. Mees examines with you how a healthy lifestyle fits within your situation, wishes and needs and guides you towards sustainable change. Read more about Mees.


  • overweight / obesity
  • high cholesterol / high blood pressure
  • intestinal problems
  • gluten allergy/ celiac disease
  • vegan / vegetarian
  • disturbed eating behavior
  • PMS / PMDD
  • rheumatism

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment with Mees in the following ways:

Dietician Mees is present at Sento on Mondays.

Costs and compensation

Guidance is usually reimbursed from the basic package. Read more about dietitian costs and fees.