Maderotherapy can only be performed by an educated physiotherapist. Jovana Lukic is a physiotherapist professionally trained in Madero therapy.

What is it? The best anti-cellulite massage there is!

Two times more effective than a regular anti-cellulite massage.

The technique involves a series of frequent and repetitive movements using different wooden elements in combination with manual massage and essential oils.

When applying these wooden elements, the lymphatic system of the body is stimulated thereby freeing it of toxins, fat and cellulite. The cellulite will resolve into small pieces and the skin will lose its 'orange peel' appearance.

This therapy eliminates both the deeper and the more superficial cellulite and it will improve the shape of your legs. You will notice the first results after five treatments, but for the best results we recommend 10-15 treatments.

Treatments are performed every second day.

Each treatment will end with a herbal packaging, which helps the process.

Jovana will also provide you with nutritional advice to help you get the best results out of Maderotherapy.

1 treatment: € 60 / 10 treatments € 600

For Sento members: 10 treatments € 540