At Sento we offer manual therapy, which is a specific specialization within physiotherapy. The goal of manual therapy is to ensure that you can move easily and therefore function better in your daily life. In order to achieve this goal the manual therapist uses specific techniques like mobilizations and manipulations in order to improve the mobility of your joints. This manipulation has also come to be called "cracking". After a manipulation you have better mobility and often have less pain from moving. In addition to the specific techniques is the treatment program created by the manual therapist which provides instructions, advice, support, and insight into healthy movement. The manual therapist at Sento is excellent at finding the cause of your problems.

Examples of problems that our manual therapist can treat:

  • Head and neck pain
  • Neck and shoulder problems, with or without radiating down the arms
  • Low back problems, with or without a combination of rib or chest pain
  • Dizziness when moving the neck
  • Jaw problems, with or without a combination of neck problems
  • Hip problems