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Within Sento you can get into top shape mentally too! Work with our experienced meditation trainer to improve your health, energy, inner balance, stress resistance and productivity in your life.
Curious about what meditation can do for you? Find out at Sento!

What is meditation? Meditation is a concrete and scientifically supported method to achieve optimal mental functioning. It is being used in the corporate world (companies like Google, Apple and Twitter have meditation trainers within their company), top level sport (think of Kobe Bryant and Novak Djokovic) and the elite units of the army, to come to more effective functioning and better achievements under pressure. It is also a very effective means to deal with stress and reduce burn-out problems. Meditation is nothing religious or airy-fairy and also isn’t to stop thinking or ‘empty the mind’, this is often assumed. It is a concrete training of the mind and does for the mind what sport does for the body: it makes it stronger, more flexible and fitter.

Regular practice brings you a more optimal mental functioning and allows you to be able to relax in a better, deeper way. No luxury in our busy modern society.
Meditation has a wide range of effects, supported by modern scientific research. Some of these are:

  • Decrease of stress and increase of stress resistance
  • Decrease of fatigue and increase of energy level
  • Decrease of symptoms of many health problems and increase of the functioning of the immune system
  • Slowing down the aging process of body cells and optimisation of body balance

After four to eight weeks of meditation there are even measurable structural changes in the brain. MRI scans have shown positive changes in regions connected to stress reduction, learning, memory, emotion regulation and being able to see things in a broader perspective and more.

The trainer
The ones that visit Sento probably know Roel as a member of Sento Medical. He is one of our physiotherapists but also an experienced meditation trainer and author of the book ‘Meditation, your daily mini holiday’. Roel has completed a lot of courses in and outside of Europe and has thousands of hours of meditation experience. He has been teaching meditation for a number of years and has his own company in meditation training. He will guide and teach you how to meditate in a practical and accessible way and help you to deepen your practice to achieve the most optimal results.