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What if moving is not so easy? Or what if you have undergone a surgery and you need to rehabilitate?

The physiotherapists and manual therapists of Sento Medical are there to give you a positive experience with movement and to help you with your rehabilitation. We strive to allow you to return to activities that are important to you. This can be work-related, climbing stairs, lifting, but also being able to practice your sport again.
We take your complaint(s) extremely seriously, are a listening ear and work holistically through the bio-psycho-social model.

Have you never been to Sento Medical Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy Amsterdam before? Or do you have a new injury?

Then we will gladly schedule a double appointment (50 minutes) for the intake, we are happy to take the time to properly map out your injury and needs.
This allows our physiotherapists to give a good clear and individual prognosis , recommend self-management strategies and together with you draw up a treatment plan immediately during the first appointment.
With our experience, knowledge and your story, we give you a clear picture of what we think is necessary to get your complaint under control and relieve pain.

Our physiotherapy practice is located in Sento Spa & Health Club.
This gives the opportunity to use many facilities such as (cardio and strength machines, free weights and a large exercise room) to improve your recovery and health.

Good to know:

With us there is no waiting list and you can make an appointment with one of the manual therapists or physiotherapists within 48 hours.

We can help you in almost all cases when it comes to physical complaints such as: back and neck complaints, shoulder complaints, sports injuries, dizziness, jaw complaints and much more.

Sento Medical is affiliated with all health insurers in the Netherlands. So no hassle with declarations, we do that for you. You can therefore visit our Amsterdam physiotherapists without a referral letter from your GP or specialist.

Would you like to schedule a first appointment click here to book directly online an appointment or call 020-3301444. You can then choose which physical therapist you want.

Corona update 14-01-2022: Sento Medical physiotherapy remains open! Of course we take all precautions for a safe environment.

If you cannot reach us by phone, please email

We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

What can Sento Medical offer you:
- Manual therapy
- Posture physiotherapy
- Dry needling
- Sport revalidation
- Craniofacial therapy (CRAFTA)
- Rehabilitation after Covid-19 

Our physiotherapists aim at helping you to continue/regain functionality in a normal daily routine and to enable you to continue/regain the ability to take part in sports.

We are available by phone from 7-21 hours on Monday - Thursday, Friday from 7- 18 hours and in the weekend from 8-13 and from 16 - 19 hours


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Pluspraktijk Sento Medical Amsterdam
Sento Medical is a certified Plus praktijk for Zilveren kruis, Menzis and De Friesland.