Making a correct diagnosis ensures a correct treatment program. That is why we take adequate time during the first consult. The first consult takes 50 minutes and includes the following components:

  1. Initial consult
  2. Physiotherapeutic research
  3. Summary & conclusion
  4. Physiotherapeutic diagnosis

Once the diagnosis has been made we can start on the revalidation process.

Ultrasound is a specialization within physiotherapy. Ultrasound imaging is a very useful way to study musculoskeletal structures like bones, joints, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, and ligaments. Ultrasound gives a direct view of movement, function, and anatomy of the body. Ultrasound makes it possible to properly assess tissue damage resulting from a (sport) injury, and can also be used to monitor the recovery of the soft tissue during rehabilitation.

During the ultrasound the physiotherapist sees dynamic images, as opposed to X-rays and MRIs, which only show static images. In this way the physiotherapist can establish a direct relationship between your complaint and the images. The test is quick, easy, comfortable for the patient, and can be done as often as needed.

The following diagnoses can be made:

  • Muscles: tears, scars, calcification
  • Tendons: tendinitis, tears, calcification, heel spurs
  • Bursae: bursitis
  • Ligaments: sprains, tears
  • Capsules: capsule inflammation, tears
  • Cartilage: joint wear, defects
  • Meniscus: tears
  • Cysts
  • Bones: loose bone fragments, bone breaks, dislocations
  • Nerves: compression


There are various types of therapy available at Sento Medical. From manual therapy to sport rehabilitation to company therapy. Sento Medical will happily explain the different types of therapy.

Manual Therapy
The goal of manual therapy is to ensure that you can move easily and therefore function better in your daily life. The manipulation used has also come to be called "cracking".

Neck- shoulder- head- jaw- face symptoms/ Craniofacial therapy
Our practice has a special interest and education on solving problems of the neck, shoulder, head, jaw and face. For more info check this page

Occupational Therapy
If your problems are related to your work situation, then occupational therapy could be for you. The occupational therapist focuses on such factors as work posture, work place, work tasks, and organization of work.

Dry Needling
Dry needling is an innovative form of physiotherapy, utilized as a part of a total treatment plan and focused on improving (often chronic) muscle problems. Dry needling is a treatment method that attempts to help muscle pain problems (myofascial trigger points) in a quick and efficient way.

Sport Rehabilitation
If you are an athlete you can come to Sento, regardless of your level. We focus primarily on treatment of injuries sustained during sports or that hinder your sports activities.

Medical Taping
Medical taping is widely used by athletes, but can be valuable to non-athletes as well.

Medical rehabilitation after Covid-19
After Covid-19, you can experience problems with your day-to-day activities due to loss of muscle strength and fitness. We can help you regain this.