Physiotherapist, COVID-19 / Corona rehabilitation & sports rehabilitation.

Derek Sweijen graduated in 2016 as a physiotherapist at the Hogeschool Leiden. In recent years, his interest has increasingly focused on sports physiotherapy, from amateur to top athlete. He loves to be actively involved with patients and gets the most energy and satisfaction from (top) athletes who can resume their sport at the desired level. Derek teaches athletes to listen to their own bodies to avoid injury in the future.

Stimulating self-management, listening, providing information, advising and being actively involved with patients are among his core tasks in a treatment plan. He helps people guide them to a level of performance where they cannot take themselves. In addition, Derek not only has an eye for physical causes of a complaint, but he also looks at possible surrounding recovery-impeding factors such as: stress, sleep, nutrition and fear/concern. In this way, the treatment plan becomes personal and he teaches you to get your complaints under control and to improve it.

Do you need sports rehabilitation after, for example, knee surgery (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction / meniscus), shoulder injury (dislocated / collarbone fracture / tendon tear), ankle sprain, hamstring injury or groin injury? Need sports physiotherapy to get back to the old level? Then you have come to the right place at Derek and Sento Medical in Amsterdam.

As a lung therapist, Derek also specializes in primary rehabilitation of ex-corona patients. After recovery from this infection, it appears that many people are weakened and benefit from building muscle strength and fitness to resume daily activities. Attention is also paid to mental health, nutrition and participation. Derek is happy to provide support here.

In addition to Derek's work at Sento Medical, he also works at the KNVB as a (sports) physiotherapist. In this he is part of the Youth Plan Netherlands and responsible for the care of the boys' team under 14.


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