Physiotherapist & Manual therapist i.o.

Paul Lemstra graduated in 2019 as a general physiotherapist at the Thim van der Laan Academy. Due to his experience as a Personal Trainer and 'drive' to get people moving again as quickly as possible, he immediately started studying for the Master's degree in Manual Therapy at SOMT University. By manually mobilizing or manipulating joints, the effects will often be immediately noticeable. Paul now masters all hands-on techniques for all joints, but is particularly specialized in treating the spine, such as neck and shoulder pain & low back pain.

"No words, but results" is his motto and will therefore give you full attention and time to optimize your body for everyday life, so that you can move and exercise with less pain and without restrictions. Due to his broad experiences in sports such as: crossfit, powerlifting, taekwondo, football, running and gymnastics, Paul has a good understanding of what is needed to speed up your recovery or even take it to a higher level. Together you will look for the most effective solution for the complaints, which will be accompanied by exercises to get the most out of the treatment plan.


Physiotherapy, Thim van der Laan Nieuwegein

Currently in training to
Master of Science manual therapy SOMT University Amersfoort