Physiotherapist, Dry Needling & Manual Therapist i.o.

Veronique Huisman graduated in 2015 from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as a general physiotherapist. In the years that followed, her interests increasingly focused on spine-related complaints. This made it a logical step for her to start her Master's in Manual Therapy at SOMT University in 2019. To help each patient in the best possible way, she uses the most recent evidence-based treatment methods. She takes the time for each patient to map out a complete and clear picture of complaints. For example, the complaint is addressed at the disorder level and she also looks at the limitations at the activity level. In addition to spine-related complaints, Veronique is also very interested in treating other complaints of the musculoskeletal system, for which she regularly follows courses and in-depth programs. Think of complaints of the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder and elbow. In 2018 she specialized in the treatment of myofascial trigger points by means of dry needling.

Veronique prefers to combine manual therapy with exercise therapy, so that not only the core of the problem, but also the total picture is tackled, in order to get the best possible recovery and prevent recurrent complaints. Recovery impeding factors and lifestyle are included in the treatment process for the best possible rehabilitation with a personal treatment plan.

Post HBO
Dry Needling DNS (J. de Moor)
Evidence Based Function Research in Knee Injuries (F. Brooijmans)
Evidence Based Therapy & Gait Training for Knee Injuries (F. Brooijmans)

Currently in training to
Master of Science manual therapy SOMT University Amersfoort