Fysiotherapeut, Manueeltherapeut MSc, Arbeidstherapeut, Houdingstherapeut, Dry Needling, Echografist, Craniofaciaal Therapeut (CRAFTA®)

Robert Kuizenga graduated from the Thim van der Laan Academy in 2007 as a general physiotherapist. He subsequently earned his degree in master manual therapy from SOMT. Just recently Robert graduated for his Master of Science manual therapy from VU Brussels. Robert is working at Sento Medical as a specialist in the area of spinal cord-related problems. He is also a consultant to his colleague within the practice. Robert is also skilled in Dry Needling, Ultrasound, and Occupational Therapy. He is currently specializing as CRAFTA® therapist. CRAFTA® Cranio Faciale Therapy is a highly specialized training in manual therapy for the treatment of pain and disorders of the head, neck, face and jaw.

Robert is a professional classical singer (robertkuizenga.com) and as a result of these interests he has developed in the areas of posture as well as head, voice and neck problems. In addition to his role as physiotherapist, Robert is also quality manager at Sento.

WO (University Education)
Master of Science Manual Therapy, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels

HBO (Higher Professional Education)
Master Manual Therapy, SOMT, Amersfoort
Physiotherapy degree, Thim van der Laan, Nieuwegein
Occupational Therapy, Saxion hogeschool, Deventer

Post HBO (Post Graduate courses)
More than Larynxmanipulation (Einders)
Craniomandibular disorders: dissection, diagnosis and treatment (VU Brussels)
Management of craniofacial dysfunctions and pain, CRAFTA®
Cranio cervical dysfunctions, CRAFTA®
Shoulder rehabilitation part 2 (A.Cools)
Cervico- oculaire dysfunctions and balance, CRAFTA® 
Headache in children CRAFTA®
Craniomandibular-, craniofacial dysfunctions and the cranial nerve system, CRAFTA®
Dry Needling Suboccipital region (G. de Lint)
Dry Needling DNS head and neck region (M. van Rumpt) 
Clinical neurodynamics (M.Shacklock)
Dry Needling DNS (J.de Moor)
Ultrasonographist MSU (M.Schmitz)
Shoulder impingement syndrome (R. Schuitemaker)
Mulligan ABC (R.Claassen)
Medical taping (R.Claassen)
Back to Golf (R.Claassen)
Balance Therapy program Dunnewolt (S.Dunnewolt)

Currently enrolled
Osteopathy (IAO)