• Roel Wilbers
    Physiotherapist, Manual therapist, applied physiotherapy, McKenzie Therapy, Medical taping, treatment of tailbone and coccyx pain

    Roel completed his studies in 1999 at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, following his studies he started his first profession as physiotherapist at a large sport center in Limburg, here he also worked as a fitness instructor during his degree. After having worked a year in Germany he returned to Amsterdam and started his job in a private practice in Buitenveldert. In a little over eight years that he has been working, he has completed his degrees in manual therapy and applied physiotherapy. Roel is also an internship supervisor for the degree manual therapy Maitland. In 2009 Roel found a new challenge at a practice in the Pijp. Here, in addition to working a fulltime job he specialized further with a variety of courses and degrees, including the Mckenzie – and Mulligantherapy. Now you can also refer to Roel for medical taping and treatments for tailbone and coccyx complaints.

    Next to his degrees Roel has travelled a lot. He has been to diverse countries, including Nepal, India, Peru and Colombia where he volunteered as physiotherapist. Through the years his interest enhanced for the mechanical aspect of bodily complaints. Therefore he decided to deepen his knowledge in different forms of therapy , mainly meditation. In 2016 he started his own company where he offers meditation training for both private and corporate companies (www.meditatie.amsterdam). Additionally, in the same year he published his first book ‘Meditation, your daily mini vacation’. Next to his work as physio-manual therapist and meditation trainer Roel has his own coaching practice since 2017(www.doorfocusnaarflow.nl) and has been working as a freelancer for more then 15 years in the area of workplace setup, to optimize the work environment(www.arboadviesopmaat.nl).

    In 2017 Roel decided to join the Sento team to continue what he has been doing for years; which is helping people through physical complaints to limit their obstacles in functioning from the broadest perspective possible. Interested to find out what Roel can do to help you or would you like to make an appointment? Call Sento!

HBO Fysiotherapie Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Post HBO
Manuele therapie Maitland Concept
Arbeidsfysiotherapie (Saxion Hogeschool)
McKenzie A – B (McKenzie Instituut)
Mulligan Concept A – B – C – behandeling bekken
Medical taping (R. Claasen)
Behandeling van coccygodynie (C. Röst)
Egmond-Schuitemaker protocol bij aspecifieke schouderklachten (R. Schuitemaker)
Behandeling CPRS volgens de ‘Macedonische methode’ (Ziekenhuis Hoogeveen)
Mindfulnesstraining bij mensen met chronische pijn of stress (Hogeschool Leiden)
Cognitieve gedragsmatige oefentherapie bij patiënten met rugklachten (EMGO Instituut)