At Sento we don’t only focus on your physical fitness, here you can improve your mental balance as well. Work together with our experienced meditation trainer to optimize health, energy, inner balance, relaxation, stress resistance to create higher productivity in your life.

Curious to find out what meditation can do for you? Find out at Sento!

Meditation Healing by Petri de la Croix

This is a guided meditation in which we clean your energy system, and in which you gain understanding in your personal process. It is not necessary to have knowledge of energy, aura's or chakra's, you can just experience it.

15 januari 7.30PM till 8.30PM Free for Sento members, limited places available. reservation at or 0203301444

Contribution: 1 session €20

Please make a reservation ar our front desk, by tel. 0203301444 or mail at

For cancellations 8 hours before the lesson starts we will not charge any costs.
What is meditation?

Meditating is a finding a moment of rest and peace in a world full of triggers, stimuli and distractions. It is consciously creating calmness, balance and clarity in yourself, creating a periodical ‘mini- vacation’. With meditation you train your ability to step out of the rollercoaster of life for a moment and whenever you want to step out of the cart that is racing over the tracks and instead of that to observe it from a little distance. This change of view changes the complete experience.

Meditation isn’t emptying the mind and not having any thoughts anymore or not being aware of anything anymore. It is finding a peaceful place within yourself, where there is clarity and balance to

oversee instead of getting carried away with what happens. Finding the ‘eye of the hurricane’ is where our lessons will bring you.

Meditation is a concrete scientifically proven training of the mind to come to optimal mental functioning. This is also how it is presented within Sento flow. It does for the mind what working-out does for the body; it makes you stronger, more flexible and fitter.

Regularly meditation practicing leads to a deeper form of relaxation and optimal mental functioning. Something that is not a luxury in our busy modern society. It isn’t a coincidence that meditation is being applied more and more within the corporate world (like at Google, Apple and Twitter). Also for top athletes (think about Kobe Bryant and Nocak Djokovic) and the elite divisions in the army it is a regular part of the training to function more effectively and to better perform under pressure. In addition, it is an utmost effective method to better deal with stress and decrease burn-out complaints.

To guide a meditation, you dont need much experience. That is a necessity though if you want to guide a good quality meditation that brings you to deeper levels of yourself,. At Sento Flow we only provide instructors that have a lot of experience in what they teach.

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