The physiotherapists at Sento Medical have different specializations. As physiotherapists in Amsterdam we can help you with just about any musculoskeletal problem. The Sento physiotherapy team is made up of Robert Kuizenga, Daan Bredewout, Roel Wilbers, Francoise Willems and Derek Sweijen.

Team Sento Medical

Robert Kuizenga MSc: Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Posture Therapist, Dry Needling, ultrasonographist and Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®) (read more)

Daan Bredewout: Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist,  Exercise Therapist, Ultrasonographist, Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®) en Teacher in training (CRAFTA®)  (read more)

Francoise Willems: Physiotherapist, dry Needling , orthopaedic rehabilitation (read more)

Roel Wilbers: Fysiotherapeut, Manueel therapeut, Arbeidsfysiotherapeut, McKenzie therapie, Medical taping, Behandeling van stuitklachten Lees meer